Gourmet & Family-style Home Cooked Meals, Dinner & Cooking Parties

How much does the typical service cost?
          Standard Plan: Flat Rate $325 for 20 total meals (Family of Four - 1 week, or Couple - two weeks) 5 Different Entrees with side dishes.  Gourmet Plan: Flat Rate $425 for 20 total meals include Rack of Lamb, Filet Mignon & Lobster Single Plan: Flat Rate $300 for 10 total meals (Two weeks of meals or 10 nights) 5 Different Entrees with side dishes.

How do we get started?
          To begin your service we like to meet with you for about 45 minutes at your convenience to choose your menu items for your first service. We like to meet in your kitchen and have you fill out our food preference worksheet that includes information about any allergies, etc. We offer wonderful home-cooked dinners made with the freshest ingredients and prepared to your liking. Best of all, dinner is ready when you are, usually with enough leftovers for a good-sized lunch serving.


          We cook all of the dinners and package them in re-usable containers. At the beginning of our agreement for service there is a 1 time fee for the Pyrex, Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers we use exclusively for your service. The price for containers will be around $40. If you already have containers you want us to use there will not be any additional cost. We will discuss our service and provide you with references of our excellent cooking, reliability, quality and trustworthiness. We operate like a cleaning service and are sometimes working in your home when no one is at home. We have no problem if you want to be at home during our cooking/service time. On a typical cooking day we will be in your kitchen for 4 to 5 hours.

Special Occasion dinners?
          Whether you want gourmet fare or home-style cooking, I can create a spectacular menu for your next dinner, cocktail party, or any special occasion. I can prepare delicious food ahead of time for you to simply heat and serve to your guests. Or, I can provide a full-service experience, where I am there to help finish and serve the food and of course, to clean up afterwards - making it easier for you to relax and enjoy your party. Fees are based upon the number of people, the menu and the level of service you select.  Please contact me to discuss menu ideas and options. NJHomeDinners Personal Chef Bing Fineza

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